Tired of glue on your pedals?

Do you swap pedals a lot?

FX Smart is a new way of keeping pedals on your pedalboard. A simple bracket system which allows you to easily put your pedals on your pedalboard, or move them to another board, without a lot of hassle. 

Easy to setup pedal bracketS

Easy to setup: The FX Smart pedal brackets makes it easy to setup your board and around your swap pedals. Adjust the bracket size to fit your pedal. Insert the pedal. Attach to pedal board. Done

Easy to move pedals: If you want to move the pedal to another board or another position.  Slide out the pedal and slot it into a new position. Done. 

Easy bracket adjustment: If you want to adjust the bracket. Loosen the bracket from the board. Set the required size. Attach bracket to the board again. Done.

Erik Arkö, who demos bass pedals for EBS, Darkglass, TC Electronic among other things, has been a beta-tester of FX Smart for a while. Here is what he thought about the first full batch of prototype pedal holders he got from us. Note that the actual shipping product is significantly improved compared to this prototype batch. More robust, holds the pedals better, is simpler (now two parts) and they are much stronger. See what Erik thinks about them on the next video.

Two types of pedal brackets... and few specials

Left, the narrow adjustable bracket for pedals 59-80 mm wide. Right the wider adjustable bracket for pedals 79-120 mm wide (can fit horizontally and vertically). Here seen vertically on a Darkglass B7K pedal.


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