Which FX Smart is right for you?


This FX Smart bracket is meant to hold pedals that are from 59-60 mm wide. It is generally mounted on the left and right side.

This is the typical size for your standard size pedals.


The bigger FX Smart bracket, 79-120 mm, is for bigger pedals, or for mounting pedals longitudinally. 

This is the typical size for larger pedals.


We have made a few specials. The 100 mm fixed width, used for the Line6 G10 basestation.

Or the 68 mm fixed width, with a 100 mm base, used for the Darkglass M900 single foot switch pedal.

Custom sizes

We may offer custom sizes or other specials. Mail us with any inquiries: info@FXsmart.eu

FX Smart - What do I get?

What do I get?

Each order is for a minimum of three (3) set of brackets that will fit three pedals. You get self adhesive rubber to mount on the inside of the pedal holders and velcro hooks to mount underneath them. You also get a few rubber feet to replace them on pedals where you have removed them.

We have simplified the design now so that the brackets are two parts (instead of three) and more robust! 

You can mix and match from 58-80, 79-120 or specials, as you need. If you need more brackets you add more as required.

The standard colour of the FX Smart is black.

What does it cost & How do I order?

Three sets of brackets: €26 / 249 SEK
Additional brackets: €8 / 79 SEK

Custom colour: 50% extra and longer waiting time. Red, yellow, silver/grey, white.

Postage: Sweden 50 SEK. EU €10.

Order now by sending an email to: order@FXsmart.eu

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